Core System

Fully Operational Core System – Easy Implementation / Low Cost

Regardless of your business size, an affordable processing system can dramatically affect your company’s ability to execute and compete in today’s marketplace.

It can also make or break your business.

That means that your competitive advantage depends on your ability to quickly adapt and adjust for changes in the marketplace. You need software applications that deliver new services, operational efficiencies, and competitive responses, fast.

Stingray provides a complete core processing solution right out of the box!

Most Insurance Company, MGA and RRG software vendors spend months to “customize” their products to fit your needs – usually at great expense to you!

Our modular software solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. All Stingray Systems are blessed with the needed essentials to operate any insurance organization.

You can deploy the Stingray core system in less than a week with all your company specific data in place.

We have designed the core system to operate independent of or in concert with our optional modules. The power of this approach is evident when a Company easily integrates their custom applications with our core processing system.

Since each Stingray System includes Policy Administration, Billing/Payment Processing and Claims Administration modules, you can focus on the applications that make your Company different while deploying a reliable, fast and accurate core system.

On the other hand, our modularity makes some of our well designed and affordable specialty modules very attractive to companies that are well satisfied with their core systems.

Take the complexity out of entering new markets, product lines or territories by integrating one of our stand alone modules. Right out of the box, our modules are ready to interface.

This approach insures fast deployment and allows your management and IT departments to focus on the items that have made you successful rather than fumbling your way through new system design, rating and process definition or new hardware requirements.

The choice is yours, our web based core policy processing solutions:

  • Improve Quality by formally gathering policy data and ensuring that the data entered during rating meets your underwriting rules.
  • Reduces costs by allowing users to seamlessly move from policy to policy or claim to claim with full document support imaging interface built in.
  • Harness the power of the Internet, with no LAN restrictions, allowing managers, underwriters, claims adjusters and agents to use the same system.
  • Provide flexibility through our unique user rights access system that extends the power of the system to everyone within the Company whether they be on-site, remote or mobile.