Web Based Rating – Provide Real-Time Rates to anyone in the world

The Stingray System automates gathering the required information in order for your company to accurately produce a quote (Quick Quote). The Stingray System is specifically built to utilize the Internet so your agents, brokers, and insured’s can easily be granted access to your rating from anywhere in the world.

The Stingray System rating module doesn’t stop there however – The system automatically checks the information entered on each screen against your company specific underwriting rules and can notify a user if the policy or quote does not fit the necessary underwriting criteria.

The sky is the limit as to the ways you might want to add to or tweak Stingray for your Company’s purposes. And doing so is easy!

Smart Processing – Stingray Rating

Why require your users to answer additional questions about a swimming pool if they have already told you there is no pool on the property! With Stingray, these questions are removed from the user view once the system knows there is not a swimming pool on the property!

The Stingray System can also dynamically create or remove screens or screen elements based on user input – The Stingray System automatically generates and assigns quote numbers so users can easily lookup the quote by number, by name, or any other field.

With the Stingray System users NEVER re-enter any information the system has already collected!

Web Based – Quote, Print and Purchase

Stingray is the first package system to fully extend several levels of online insurance ecommerce. We offer two flavors;

Customer Direct – Web Sales

Allows your customers to get a quote, buy online and even print all their documents via a normal browser connection on the Internet. Once they become your customer, you can enter into a customer self service mode whereby the customer uses your Stingray System to manage their insurance needs completely online without need for Customer Service intervention – including endorsements and other policy service requirements.

Agency Branded – Web sales

If you work with Independent Agents, you (and they) will love the Stingray Agency Branded Web Sales Module. So advanced it is a trade secret – contact your Stingray account exec for details – You will buy Stingray for this feature alone!

Workflow Management – Event Oriented Adaptive Workflow

"The automation of a business process, in whole or part, during which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules."    The Stingray System allows workflow to be defined as a procedural set of rules, but because the workflow process is defined visually and can make decisions based upon user workload, system status, policy status, or any other criteria available to the rules engine – Stingray’s Event Oriented Adaptive Workflow allows the system to make intelligent and informed decisions of where or to whom to route work, documents, files, claims, and etc.

The Key Benefits of Workflow

  • Improved efficiency – automation of business processes result in the elimination of many unnecessary steps and delays in processing.
  • Better process control – improved management of business processes achieved through standardizing working methods and provides availability of audit trails to management.
  • Improved customer service – consistency in the processes leads to greater predictability in levels of response to customers.
  • Flexibility – software control over processes enables their re-design in line with changing business needs.
  • Business process improvement – focus on business processes leads to their streamlining and simplification.
  • Distributed work load – process rules allow for better distribution of workload among employees of the same skill levels or work functions.