Our Process

The most unique implementation in the Insurance Software Industry

Stingray is ready if you are – most software vendors make a mystical, long drawn out process of both the sales and implementation process to justify their high prices.

We take a different approach – Stingray is already deployed and ready to accept your Company specific data. Within days, if not hours of making the decision to purchase Stingray, your system can be up and running. Depending on your configuration of states and lines, you could be processing new business within a day of purchase.

We know that sounds unbelievable – but, we do it all the time. Out Implementation teams are built to make the process simple, convenient and painless. We script the system configuration and start-up and integrate team members to simultaneously process tasks and testing.

Because all of our modules are easily interconnected, you can define a configuration and everything snaps together easily and quickly. With our Unique open architecture and database design, loading company definition tables, rates and business rules are a simple integrated process, completed via the Internet.

Even our contracts are simple and we have predefined competitive pricing so you know what you are getting and what it will cost. Most of our customers host their systems with us or through redundant data centers. We have the established relationships and can “plug you in” in no time, no hardware to purchase, personnel to hire or stress to ruin your day.

Want to see how easy it really is to install Stingray? Take a look at our implementation overview here.