Finally a system that gives you complete control over your data entry screens, underwriting logic, rating calculations, database, and reports!

The Stingray System was designed from the ground up in an extremely modular fashion. HTML, AJAX, and an SQL database are the building blocks and our proprietary system tools are the mortar that bring the system to life.

Of course, the core system and modules are fully developed and functional in a diverse set of companies processing a varied set of business lines from Non-Standard Auto to Homeowners and Commercial.

The sky is the limit as to the ways you might want to add to or tweak Stingray for your Company’s purposes. And doing so is easy!

  • The open architecture of the Stingray System allows new modules to be developed and added to the system without rebuilding or recompiling the system.
  • Existing modules are easily added to the Stingray System and the system automatically recognizes the new features installed.
  • The Stingray System was created specifically to allow companies a choice in which modules they choose to implement.
  • The unique customizable and modular capability allows companies a choice in how they implement future changes within the Stingray System as well.

Don’t have nor want an IT staff?

Stingray is ready to run when you place the order, but you may want something special. You can choose to have our experienced programmers and system developers add to or amend your system. As the system architects and developers we are the best prepared to efficiently make changes to meet your business needs. In fact, every new system comes with our Quick Start Package which includes 200 hours of training, customization and tweaking.

Can’t live without your own developers and IT staff?

We understand, use our Quick Start package to get your team up to speed to manage the changes you might require. You can purchase our suite of tools and your programming staff can make all types of changes using our Visual Rules Maker, Template Designer and Report Generator. Our tools are designed to make it easy to create your own changes visually, without coding, including screen, database, and logic changes.

One great aspect of using our tools – no expensive RPG, Cobol or even VB programmers are needed – a good HTML coder with an understanding of SQL will do the trick – saving you thousands in personnel cost!

The Stingray System was designed to be flexible and extendable. The Stingray System has the capability to open up its state-of-the-art rating engine to other applications and 3rd parties in real-time. This feature is becoming the standard in Comparative Rating System Interface.

In addition, the Stingray System utilizes a number of different communication methods – from old standards such as EDI and Text Files, to the most recent such as XML, SOAP, and COM – you are assured that if another system has the capability to send and receive information it can communicate with the Stingray.

Visual Rules Maker – Dynamic, Customizable System and Rating Logic

The Stingray Visual Rules Maker is a visual tool that allows non-programmers to VISUALLY develop and modify the Stingray System and rating logic. The Visual Rules Maker allows non-programmers to visually edit every business rule, rating calculation, underwriting, or workflow rule within the entire Stingray System. The biggest advantage of the Stingray System and the Visual Rules Maker is that truly anyone who can understand a step-by-step process and possesses even limited computer knowledge can use the Visual Rules Maker to successfully modify any rule within the Stingray System!

In addition, every Stingray Rule or Rating System is date sensitive. So you can make changes in the system to be effective on some future date and when that date arrives the Stingray System will automatically begin using your newly defined rule or rating calculation.

Since everything is visually designed, easily modified, and date sensitive, so you can easily test changes to the system before going live – no test servers, fumbling with system dates and such – ease of use – built in!

Watch the Steps – built in debugging within the Rules Maker allows you to see the Stingray Rules Maker as it performs each step of a rule or rating calculation!