Why Stingray?

Q: Why in the world would you list your competitors and make it easy to compare Stingray?

A: Because, we are confident that once you have reviewed the market, Stingray will undoubtedly be viewed as the most comprehensive, cost competitive, complete solution available.

Q: What do you mean by Comprehensive?

A: Whether you are a small Company looking to automate one line of business or a far flung Mega Company, Stingray provides the core and needed options to make your enterprise competitive. Using advanced, web based technology, Stingray easily puts the tools in your hands to compete, adapt and profit in the complex insurance markets of today.

Q: OK, you have all the parts, but how do you create order from our chaos?

A: If you’re considering a new system, why not take a new approach? All of our systems are component based and can be easily implemented to target a certain need while interfacing with your existing systems.

Q: What do you mean? How about an example?

A: Let’s say your company is profitably writing auto insurance through Independent Agents and your systems are fine, but, your VP of Marketing wants to offer this coverage in a new territory in a Direct Sales model. Rather than go to the trouble and expense to retrofit your systems to work with the consumer, consider placing our Web Portal product out front and integrate the database with your existing system. A very inexpensive and quick way to grow.

Q: Sounds like just another system to support; I can barely support the one I have now?

A: That’s where Stingray shines, our technology is so simple that your staff cost and training is minimal and productivity is enhanced by using our Visual Tools, in fact in some cases Product Managers can program simple.